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Finding a Plumber in Bristol

Finding a plumber in Bristol can be a difficult job especially when the types of houses and flats vary so enormously over the whole city. In Clifton, for example, many of the large Georgian houses have been converted into flats which means that a plumber may be required to have specialist knowledge of building regulations in order to do a proper job; walls can be twice as thick as in the ‘new build’ areas such as Henbury. We all sometimes need an expert in life; we cannot all be an experienced expert in everything we need done. It is necessary sometimes to call on the help of a person of experience.

Where water is concerned it is even more important to get a job done right as the consequences can be severe, especially as water can do a lot of damage and can be very dangerous, deadly even when contacted with electricity.

When searching for a plumber it is always a good idea to get three quotes as prices can vary. It is also important to know the quality of work will be of a professional standard. If you have found a plumber, via a referral from somebody who has had plumbing done, you are half way there as nobody recommends bad workmanship. If you have not seen the plumber’s own work then ask to see pictures of jobs they have completed and then ask if you can contact past clients. As a bare minimum ask how long their company has been established and then Google the company and individual plumber’s name.

There are many builders and plumbers who do not have any certification in the UK, there is no law against this and this is not to say they would not do an adequate job. However in the UK there are vast numbers of specific building regulations relating to plumbing that are in place to guarantee a certain level of quality, for example if a pipe is not at the correct angle there could be consequences of smells coming up out of sewers due to siphoned action in traps. This is particularly important if you live in the Kingsdown, Redland and Cotham areas as some of the plumbing systems are now so old that when replacing pipes or upgrading heating systems one change in pressure (fro one apartment, can mean that the other apartments can be affected. It is always a good idea to check basic UK certification and also that the plumber in question has suitable insurance. The UK standard certification is City and Guilds for building trades.

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Always ask for definitive quotes and do not be afraid to ask for a maximum price. Sometimes without taking up floors or seeing what is behind fixtures it is not always possible to give fixed prices, in this case ask for a maximum it would be and to safeguard yourself take this as your quote. The difference between an estimate and a quote is that an estimate is of course an estimate and there is a danger you could end up paying a lot more than the figure initially given to you.

So, no matter where you live in Bristol make sure that your plumber understands all the ramifications of your specific job.